Electronic Passports – Can the chip in Electronic Passports be remove?

QUESTION:   I am kind of skeptic about getting my identity stolen and I am not really too fond of chips in important documents such as a passport. Am I allowed to request to remove the chip from Electronic Passports?

ANSWER:Being that it is more efficient, the chips in passports will rise rather than decline. The answer to your question, whether or not the passport chip should go, the answer is no. Chip implants are part of the passport. Without them there is no security and anyone will use them.

With new passports, particularly Electronic Passports, the chips are part of the document. The chip inside a passport is a RFID chip. The chips cannot be remove. Similarly, electronic passports will not be produce without these chips. Having the RFID chip a passport holder is provided with more security than the traditional paper passports. More and more countries will be issuing the Electronic Passport because of the data that is on the RFID chip. This chip is resistant to duplication. Also, countries favor its easiness, secureness, and quickness when traveling.

The chip has the photographs of the traveler, as well as the biographical information of that traveler. With this information border agents can identify the user of the electronic passport quicker. In the chip is data, which is about the passport holder that border agents will need when a traveler is crossing a particular border. Many times, thieves will try to use another individual’s paper passport book to enter various different countries. This is non-existent with an Electronic Passport because the chip is more secure. The chip is design to work to your advantage and not as a disadvantage.