What are the ESTA Rules When Traveling to The United States?

QUESTION:   Can you tell me about the ESTA rules? I am traveling to the U.S. and will surely need some information about the ESTA.

ANSWER:  ESTA is the short form of Electronic System for Travel Authorization. ESTA is an online application system use to screen anyone coming into the United States. It does not matter which country you are coming from or how you are coming. The screening is perform at the exit of the departing country by immigration. Hence, without ESTA approval, consider changing your plans.

Passengers who do not apply for an ESTA approval will not be process by immigration and get the okay to travel. When that happens, the passenger can be detain by immigration. The passenger can be sent back to his or starting destination if they were connecting to another flight. Travelers without ESTA approval do not have permission to travel from their point of departure. In some cases, passengers where sent back to their country. What we recommend to do is apply on the ESTA website for a travel authorization and hopefully get approval immediately. As mentioned before, without approval for travel from the ESTA, travel will be denied. So, remember to do so before you go to the airport or any other point of exit.

Processing Charge

All applicants that request an electronic travel authorization is charge for the processing of the application. The processing fee is $4.00.

Authorization charge

When an applicant’s application gets approve along with approval to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program, they pay an additional fee of $10.00. If their electronic travel authorization is denied, they only pay the processing fee of the application.