Execution Fee – Why was I charged an execution fee for my passport?

QUESTION:   A couple weeks ago, I applied for my passport with my local post office. I have been anticipating this trip to South America for some time now. I noticed I was charged an execution fee, what is the purpose of this fee?

ANSWER:   To begin with, let’s discuss what an execution fee really is. The execution fee is charge to first time applicants, including children, and anyone who needs to replace a lost, stolen or damage passport. To anyone who has to appear in person at a passport application acceptance facility before an agent. An agent who is authorized by the Secretary of State to give oaths to validate passport applications. The Department of State empowers Passport Acceptance Agents to receive passport applications on its behalf because of the high traffic of passport needs.

The execution fee does not apply to all passport applications. It is only applies to certain cases when applying for a new passport. This offers convenient locations to American citizens without having to visit the Department of State. The execution fee is charge to reimburse the acceptance facility for the different costs of the services given to the passport applicant. Also, sine this facility serves as an incentive for participating in the Passport Application Acceptance Program. This is how the fee for execution of U.S. Passport will come into action.

If the situation is that the applicant would like to apply for a passport and passport card on the same form, there will just be one execution fee for the two different applications for travel documents. Lastly, the execution fees do not apply to an adult passport book or passport card renewal.