Expired in China – How Could I get My Passport Renew in China?

Question & AnswerQuestion: I live in China and had my U.S. passport years ago but it has since expired in China and I have misplace the passport. Now I would like to visit New York and need to obtain a US passport. I am an American citizen born to American parents in China.


Answer: If you live outside of the U.S. but can prove that you are an American citizen, then you can obtain a passport. You can go to the U.S. embassy or consulate nearest to your current location. For example, if your passport expired in China, you will have to visit a U.S. Embassy.

Unfortunately, U.S. Embassies and Consulates in foreign countries do not offer expedite passport services. However, processing of U.S. passports in foreign countries usually takes a shorter period. This is when comparing it if it were in the U.S. Usually, the processing time for U.S. passports in foreign countries is about three to four weeks than the four to six weeks in the U.S. This will vary from country to country, so make sure and confirm with that countries processing time.

You can obtain a passport quicker if there is a valid emergency. The passport that will be given to you in the case of a valid emergency will only be valid for one year, unfortunately. You will have to go through the process of renewal just one year after receiving this type of passport.

You can obtain country specific information as well as travel alerts and other useful information at this government site.

The site also has latest news and notes regarding overseas travel. It is quite useful for American citizens living outside the U.S.