FNU – My passport book came back with FNU on it. What does FNU mean?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion:  I applied for a visa a little while ago and when it came in it says FNU on it. What does FNU mean?


Answer:  Every so often we receive this question by visa holders. The terminology FNU is an acronym, whose letters stand for First Name Unknown. When your visa was approved, your name on the visa is the name that is in your passport. At the time when you apply for a passport and wrote only your first name, it seems you had only one name. On the visa, your first name is now your last name. Hence, on the first name there is an FNU. Which now interpret as first name unknown.

If you possess a visa with First Name Unknown (FNU) as your first name on that visa, you may run into problems. When applying for a driver’s license or social security card you may run into some difficulties. You can change your name in the visa from FNU to your correct name.

You will be able to change the surname and given name fields on the passport biographic page. In order to get that done, you will have to have an observation by authorities from the country that you got the visa. For example, if it is an Indian Visa, you will need India authorities to observe the name before coming for your interview. We hope all works out in your favor with as little difficulties arising as possible. Good Luck!