What is an Acceptable Birth Certificate for Passport?

Are you planning a trip abroad but don’t know what type of birth certificate is acceptable for getting your passport? You’re not alone–it’s natural to forget the paperwork needed when dealing with unexpected travel plans.

Fortunately, this blog post can help clear any confusion and guide you through obtaining a valid birth certificate for your passport application. Read on to learn more about the documents required and how to ensure yours meets all requirements.

Do I Need an Original Birth Certificate for my Passport?

Yes, you need an original birth certificate for a passport. It’s important to note that this document must be an “unexpired original or certified copy” of the birth record. In other words, it should include all details from your time of birth, such as city and county of birth, full name at birth (including any previous names), date of birth, and parent’s full names.

Additionally, it must be issued by a government agency or court within the United States and have an official seal.

If you need to obtain a new birth certificate for your passport application, contact the vital records office in the state where you were born for instructions on how to do so.

What if you were born overseas

Since this is the set of circumstances that have been dealt with you, an applicant who was born abroad or born on a military base would have most likely reported the birth by the parent of the applicant with the United States Embassy or Consulate, and they would have been issued a Consular Report of Birth Abroad.

Fortunately, a copy of this document can be acquired. The applicant should contact the Department of State to obtain a copy.

On the other hand, if an applicant was born overseas and adopted by a United States citizen, this will necessitate the applicant replace their original birth certificate that they were issued in their birth country. The applicant can contact their birth country’s closest foreign embassy or consulate to complete this process.

When it comes to the question of a valid birth certificate for a passport, it’s important to know what type of document you need. Having the appropriate documentation ahead of time can save plenty of hassle when applying for a United States passport. Even though several eligible types of evidence can serve as an acceptable form of birth certificate, many are surprised to find out that the US Department of State accepts not all local state or jurisdiction documents.

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