How fast can I get a passport and what must I do?

Question & AnswerQuestion: My daughter is a sergeant in the military and is deployed in Europe. She was recently in an accident and I would like to fly over immediately. She has served her country for many years now and I think it only appropriate that I get to her in her time of need as quickly as possible. How fast can I get a passport and what must I do?

Answer: You can get a passport the same day by visiting a regional passport agency. You can find a list of the regional passport agencies at the U.S. Government Passport Agency internet site or from the U.S. Passport Help Guide using the following link.

Regional Passport Agencies

There will be an expedite fee of $60 and you must make an appointment to complete the process.

There are some basic documents you will need to complete this task quickly.

  • The appointment confirmation number
  • Completed forms
  • Supporting document that are necessary
  • Method of payment (cash, major credit card, money order, check, check card or bank draft).

If you are no way near one of these regional centers, you can still get expedite service. However, it would be best to use an outside agent to complete this task for you if it is really urgent. Also, you can arrange your trip overseas to see your daughter and book the trip with a lay-over near one of the regional centers which would allow you to take care of the process in one day. So, it would be wise to bring any documentation you have regarding the nature of your daughter’s injuries so as to encourage some sympathetic help from the regional office.