Passport name – Applying for a passport without a legally changed name

qaQuestion I have a question about my passport name. When I was very young, my father left me with my step mother for her to care of me. I will be applying for a passport soon and I think some issues may come up. I am in the process of obtaining my birth certificate and my current legally changed name will not match the name on my birth certificate. After a few years, my step mom gave me her last name, and the last name on my birth certificate is from my father. We never legally changed my passport name and I would like to know what will happen when I apply for my passport. Thank you.

Answer Different names on important pieces of identification can cause issues later on down the road. Technically, you will not need to go through the court to change your name on your passport, though it be a recommendation by lawyers to do so.

Hence, if you have been using your new name for five or more years, you can request a passport in that name.

You will have to provide a minimum of three pieces of acceptable identification in order to complete the name change. Any three of the identifications listed below are acceptable:

  • Insurance Records
  • Medicare Records
  • Deeds of Property
  • Military Records
  • Federal, State or Local Government Cards
  • Tax Records
  • Bank Books
  • Employment Records
  • Driver’s License
  • Early School Records

Accompanying these three identifications, will be a “Statement of Witness in Support of Change of Name” that have to provide. Two or more people will have to attest that you have been indeed using your new name exclusively for at least the last five years.

Any witnesses will have to be present with you at the passport office and they will have to have their statements sworn in front of Consular Officer. These witnesses can be friends, relatives, or co-workers. You will be sworn in to confirm the use of your new name. Witnesses should bring photo identification with them. Affidavits will be provided at no cost.