Mail passport to relatives for help with getting my visas. Can I do this?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion:  I am traveling in Asia and wish to mail passport back to my relatives to assist me in obtaining required visas for my continued travel. Can I do this?

 Answer:  It is illegal to mail passport. More important, the country you are in has limitations regarding the length of your stay and its purpose. They also may require that you keep your passport on your person or in your possession. Therefore, mailing it to a relative will essentially put you in breach of the terms of your visa.

Importantly, if your passport were lost in the mail you would not be able to easily replace it overseas. Put simply, do not do it. It is a bad idea.

It is likely that the country you are intending to visit has an embassy locally where you are. So, it is far better to visit that embassy and seek their assistance with visas.

There are many websites that list the embassies to their respective countries. We suggest you do a search that uses the following search criteria “name of country” embassy In “name of country you are in”/It will more than likely return results that will tell you exactly where you can obtain a visa for that country.