If you are in the military, you might need to travel for your job. You will need a passport to do this. It is important to know how to get and use a military passport for traveling. This blog post tells us five things we should know about passports in 2024.

Military Passport vs Tourist Passport

When you are stationed abroad, it is important to have two types of passports. This requirement also applies to dependents who travel with you. The first type of passport is known as a “no-fee” passport. This passport is provided to military personnel and other government personnel who travel overseas under government instructions.

As the name suggests, this passport is issued free of charge by the government. Contact your Installation Travel Office to get a passport without paying extra money. Your family should all have passports. Passports with no fees can only be used for official trips, not when you go on vacation or in an emergency.

No Fee Passport

Some members of the military can use their free passports for personal travel. But it is not a good idea. The U.S. Army website says that if you use your passport to go on vacation, you could have trouble getting into or out of another country. It is important to note that a government-issued passport should not be used for recreational travel.

Edmund Snead works at the U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart passport office, and he says that government-issued passports are only for special trips that the government orders you to take.

Passport for Military Families

If you have family visiting you in the area, make sure they get a passport. All travelers need a passport to go outside of the US. The passport must not expire for six months after they come back home. For example, if someone is coming back in January, their passport should not expire until June (six months later).

Military Passport for Children

Kids who travel with their parents on official orders need passports, but they don’t have to pay any fees. They should also have regular passports for when they go on vacation, like adults do. To get a passport for a child, both parents must sign the application.

This can be hard if one parent is in the military and has little time with their family. If both parents can’t be there, then one parent can go alone but will need an unsigned copy of Form DS-3053.

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