Minor’s Passport – Who should sign my minor’s passport?

QUESTION:   My family and I are going on a trip to the Dominican Republic and I wanted to know who would have to sign my minor’s passport? Please advise me on this.


ANSWER:  This is a question we frequently get. We will generally get questions like this, which pertains to sign a minor’s passport. The question usually is should the a minor sign his or her own passport. This sometimes be impossible if the child is an infant or very young child. A legal guardian or parent of the child can sign the passport. Only if the child is too young to sign his or her own signature.

Since your daughter is just 2 years old, she is unable to sign her own passport. In order to have this process completed, you must print your child’s name and then sign your name in the space that is available for the signature.

The ideal scenario would be for her to sign it herself since it is less complicated. This is the traditional way a passport gets sign. Nonetheless, if your daughter is not able to sign the passport, then you sign the passport on her behalf and it is fine. You must then write in parenthesis next to your signature your relationship to your child. This is important to know who signed for the child.