How to Change my Misspelled name on Passport?

Question & AnswerQuestion I renewed my passport about 2 months ago and when I received the passport my name was misspelled. The correct spelling of my name is McKinley. The passport came to me has my last name Mc Kinley. How can I go about getting it fix? Will there be any way I can get the passport with the correct name change in a week?

Answer In order to change the way your name’s spelling on your passport, you will have to provide a note with the correct spelling of your name on your passport when you renew your passport. You can also apply for a passport correction  to change the way your name’s spelling on your passport.

NOTE:  The printing of your passport will be in block capital letters, which means it will look like the following, <MC<KINLEY<. This is how the your passport will look because surnames with a prefix will include a space to decipher between the prefix and the rest of the name.

You can apply for a correction in your passport at any time during the life of the passport. But, the passport with the mis-spelt name is not going to return to you. There will be no fee with the correction of your name unless you request an expediting service. Regular passport processing takes about 4-6 weeks. Expedited passport processing takes about 2-3 weeks