My Lost Passport – What must I do if I loss my passport?

what do do about my lost passport


QUESTION:   I am almost certain that I left my passport in a cab but the driver says that there was no passport inside. What is recommended to do in this situation where I think my lost passport will never be found?


ANSWER:    Losing a passport is a horrible thing. I remember when my lost passport showed up weeks later. By them I had already reported it loss. So, in your case this is what I advice you to do. First, if you have no intentions of traveling in 2 weeks, then you can go to a Passport application acceptance facility with a completed DS-11 form. In addition, you must submit form DS-64 to report you lost your U.S. passport. If you do plan to travel sooner, then you can use an expedite passport service agency. Such service will expedite the process for you to have a passport in about 2 weeks.

When you plan to go to a passport facility, do these things first before going:

  • Call and set up an appoint if possible before going.
  • If no appoint is necessary, show up early because these facilities tend to be busy.
  • Have all forms completed but not sign. You must sign them in front of the agent.
  • Fill all forms with black ink.
  • Have all the necessary fees when submitting the application.

If you follow these steps, your process of obtaining a new passport is going to quick and easy. Keep in mind when you are traveling to safe guard any important documents. You do not want your documents get into the hands of anyone other than yours. Also, replacing these documents cost money. So, keep them in a safe place.