Maiden Name Differs From Passport Name. How do I Get a Fix It?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion: I have made my maiden name my middle name after I got married, and I have been using it as my full name for about 15 years now. My driver’s license, social security card, and bank records are all in my full name. However, my passport is in my original name, which is my first name and my maiden name as my last name.

Now, my state will not accept my passport as a valid ID.  This is because it has a different name on it as opposed my other identifications. How can I get my full name on my passport?

Answer Technically, if your maiden name differs from your passport name you will not need to go through the court to change your name on your passport, though it is recommended by lawyers to do so.

If you were using your new name for five or more years, and you are known solely by this name, then you can request a passport in that name.

You will have to provide a minimum of three pieces of acceptable identification in order to complete the name change. Any three of the identifications listed below are acceptable:

Acceptable Identifications

  • Insurance Records
  • Medicare Records
  • Deeds of Property
  • Military Records
  • Federal, State or Local Government Cards
  • Tax Records
  • Bank Books
  • Employment Records
  • Driver’s License
  • Early School Records

More Information on  Passport Name Change

Accompanying these three identifications, will be a “Statement of Witness in Support of Change of Name” that have to provide. Two or more people will have to attest that you have been indeed using your new name exclusively for at least the last five years.

Any witnesses will have to be present with you at the passport office and they will have to have their statements sworn in front of Consular Officer. These witnesses can be friends, relatives, or your co-workers.

You will also have to be sworn in to confirm the use of your new name. Witnesses should bring photo identification with them. Affidavits will be provided at no cost.

For information when your maiden name differs from your passport name, use the following link name change passport FAQ for more question and answers.