Must I name my destinations on my passport application?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion: When I applied for my passport, there was a question regarding intended destinations. At the time, there was none. However, I may want to travel soon and am concerned that I did not specify destinations. Many of my friends and relatives live outside the U.S. Can I travel with my passport? Must I name my destinations on my passport application?

Answer: As soon as you receive your passport, you can travel outside the U.S. The application for “expedited service” requires proof of near term travel (within two weeks). Hence, that question would be applicable in the case of “expedite service”. Keep in mind the length of your stay as extended stays in Schengen countries may require additional applications.

The following map (see attributes of author) shows the Schengen countries. This treaty intention is to make travel between countries easier. However, there are some restrictions that apply and you should check if your intended stay is a long one. Schengen-participation

The blue countries are member states participating in the treaty. The yellow are EU members not participating. The pink are members who start but later quit. For more information you can visit the page: