Traveling outside the U.S. in less than 2 weeks and must obtain a passport urgently.

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion: I am traveling outside the U.S. in less than 2 weeks and must obtain a passport urgently in time for that trip. What do I do?

Answer: You are eligible to obtain a passport and or foreign visa by scheduling an appointment at a qualified passport agency, which can be found at this government website:


If you want top obtain your passport urgently, You must make an appointment and present proof of your travel arrangement. In cases of extreme emergency, a “will call pickup” service is for immediate travel. You must call one of the aforementioned agencies to determine availability.

  1. The steps you will take to obtain expedited service are:
  2.  Make a free appointment. There is no charge to make the appointment.
  3. You must pay a fee of $60 for expedite service in addition to application fees.
  4. You must present proof of travel such as an itinerary or official travel tickets.
  5. If you require “emergency service”, you must demonstrate the need in which case you get inform as to when to “pick up” your passport.

The agency will inform you as to when to expect to receive the passport via mail. This usually takes 8 days, sometimes less.