Old Passport Book – After renewing my passport will I be able to keep my old passport book?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestions:  I am renewing my passport and I have very fond memories of the places I have traveled. Will I be able to keep my old passport book?

Answer:  We oftentimes receive these types of questions. Numerous people have destinations that they visited on their passports that are very profound to them. For that reason they would like to keep the old passport book when they receive their new passport.

Luckily, the old passport book with the memorable destinations is going back to its owner. This is more likely shortly after receiving the new passport book. The old passport book is not good anymore and cannot be use for domestic or international travels. Although it will be voided, it is important to still maintain a safeguard in order to ensure that the passport is kept safe. The old passport book can still be use as proof of identity and citizenship.

Bear in mind, if you receive your new passport first without receiving the old one back, that is not the final package. It is on its way and will get there soon.

We usually get questions from applicants as soon as they receive their new passport without receiving the old one back. Be patient, you will get the old one in a separate package.