Parent of Minors Need To Renew Passport. What forms do I need to process?

Question & AnswerQuestion: I am a parent of minors, two boys ages 17 and 18. The 17 year old has a passport that needs renewal but the 18 year old does not have a passport. We are going out of the country this summer and I need to be sure our credentials are in order. What forms do I need to process? I seem to recall that I handled the younger brothers passport with my husband. Do both of us need to be there?

Answer: Minors are define in two ways. Those under the age of 16 and those age 16 or 17. Since your younger boy is 17 he will have to submit form DS-11. This he must do in person. Your older boy must submit form DS-11 as well. Since he is an adult, you don’t need to accompany with him.

These are the basic steps that need be taken:

Both sons must appear in person when they apply (individually or together)

In the case of your younger son he should be accompanied by you or your husband. If you and you husband are still together, then only one can be present. You should have photo ID with you.

Parental consent is sometimes implied on the application but to play it safe you should have a signed letter from both parents consenting to the application. This is not a requirement but we advise you do so if possible.

Your younger son may apply without you there but under some instances, you may need to be present so you should call ahead to your local passport office to determine their procedure.

If you are traveling  very soon (2 weeks or less from now for example) you can get an rush passport by visiting your regional office.

For complete details regarding expedited service use this LINK