Passport Acceptance Facilities – Where to Find Passport Acceptance Facilities?

Question: Where to find Passport Acceptance Facilities? I live in Arkansas and I would like to know where the closest facility is so I can apply for my passport.

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersAnswer: Passport acceptance facilities are not hard to come by if you have the proper tools. At the USPASSPORTHELPGUIDE.COM, there are plenty of information regarding locations of passport acceptance facilities, passport agencies, and embassies and consulates. Please click on Arkansas to get a listing of facilities in your state.

If you need your passport services in a rush, then you should visit your local passport agency. At the passport agency, they can turn around passports and passport services quicker than a passport acceptance facility.

In addition, if you are not in that much of a rush, you can mail your documents in for passport services. If you are eligible, mailing of passport documents for passport services is very convenient. We recommend that you use a tracking type of mailing system. This way you will know exactly where your documents are and when exactly they arrive to the destination.

USPS priority mail is a good service to use to mail your passport documents. In addition, it is advice to use a Tyvek envelope when sending the passport documents so none gets damage during the process.