Passport Age Requirements – Is there a passport age requirement for a child?

QUESTION:  I just given birth to my son and need to travel overseas. Do I need to know what are the passport age requirements? Is he too young for a passport?

ANSWER:   In order to apply for a passport for your son, you must show up with your son and his other parent at a passport application acceptance facility. If for any reason, both parents can not be present at the passport application acceptance facility, then a consent letter with a stamp from a notary public from the non-appearing parent can be use.

Anyone that wishes to travel internationally or overseas will have to provide a valid United States passport. The age does not matter as this is one of the requirements when crossing an international border. Your son will not be too young to get a passport.

The form you must complete for a passport is formed DS-11. It is very crucial to fill this form out as completely as possible to avoid any issues with the processing.

In addition, a child passport is valid for 5 years until expiration. When it expires, you will have to appear in person once again with both parents to renew it. The same process will apply if both parents are not present when submitting the application. You must provide a notarize consent letter that grants consent from the non-appearing parent.

Finally, you should consider applying for a passport card since you are able to get it at the same time as a passport book. Using the card will be more convenient to travel with since it can fit into a wallet. It will only be able to be used for travel as a WHTI or Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.