QUESTION:  I have just applied for my passport 2 weeks ago and I am in a bit of a rush. Does a center exist where I can call and they can assist me on where along the lines is my passport application update and documents are?

ANSWER:   Applicants are very concerned as to where their passport application update and documents are which leads to this question getting asked often. Fortunately, there is good news regarding this matter.

There is a very convenient tool for applicants. For anyone who is in a rush or just would like to know where along the lines of processing is their passport application. Also, the whereabouts of the documents they submitted.

Prior to an applicant being able to track their passport and where their passport application and forms are, they will have to wait about seven to ten days before they can access this information. The seven to ten day period will start right after they applied for their passport. There is an application status tool that is on the internet. It is for applicants who are seeking the status of their passport forms and documents.

The information that will be needed for this is the applicant’s last name, which should include all suffixes and/or hyphens. The applicant will also have to provide their date of birth. Lastly, the applicant will have to provide the last four digits of their social security number. In order to access this information, an applicant will have to provide some information. This information will help to pin point their application and documents.

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