If you are recently married, one important thing to consider is changing your name on your passport. Deciding whether or not to change your name after a marriage can be an individual decision, however, it may also depend on what country you plan to travel in and the regulations associated with that particular country.

Do I Need to Change My Name on Passport After Marriage?

Whether you change your name after marriage or not will determine whether you need to change your passport name. If you decide to keep your previous name, there’s no need to alter your passport. Since the name details remain the same, you won’t face any problems during your domestic or international travels.

Changing Your Name After Marriage

If you decide to change your name after getting married, it is important to update your passport accordingly.

This ensures that you won’t face any issues with airlines or immigration officials while traveling internationally due to name discrepancies between your passport and other travel documents. Although most domestic airlines may not require this change, it is still advisable to carry additional identification documents to prove your identity.

Do You Have to Get a New Passport When You Get Married?

After getting married, it may not be necessary to get a new passport. However, there are certain circumstances that would require you to obtain a new passport.

  • You have legally changed your name. If you have gotten married, it is important to apply for a passport name change.
  • Your passport is damaged and you reported it lost or stolen.

How Long Does it Take to Change Name on Passport?

To ensure that you submit the right application and supporting documents, take note of the factors involved and read the instructions carefully. The processing of the application usually takes around four to six weeks. However, if you require expedited passport service, it can be processed in just two to three weeks.


All in all, the answer to the question Do You Have to Change Name on Passport After Marriage? is it will depend on the agency’s policy and the particular situation. It is recommended that one consults an appropriate official before making any changes that could potentially have a consequence on one’s legal identity. This should be done in order to ensure that whatever decision is taken is compliant with necessary protocol and that no further complications arise in due time.

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