Passport Card Fees – How does the Passport Card Fees Structured?


QUESTION:    My passport card should be arriving very soon and I was wondering how does the Department of State derives passport card fees? Hence, any information is welcome.

ANSWER:   Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative or WHTI is a type of a travel document. Hence, this document is use to travel between The United States, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean. Furthermore, this document has its limits in these region. So, it can not be use to travel to countries other than the ones above. A passport book is the document anyone would use to enter a country when the passport card is not valid.

Nevertheless, this document, passport card, is a very effective and efficient piece of travel documentation to use. It can be use in place of the passport book to travel to these countries.

The fees pertaining to obtaining a passport card were calculated by the Department of State. It is use to compensate for the expenses that comes with facilitating the passport card’s availability for use by the public.

The Department of State contracts an independent consultant. This consultant conduct an intermittent and steady cost of service surveys. These surveys are then use to evaluate the costs associated with providing consular services to the American public.