Passport Card Travel – Where Can I go with my passport card?

QUESTION:   I received my passport card about 2 months ago. Is it true I cannot travel to Canada and Mexico with it?


ANSWER:  This is a very good question and one that we receive quite frequently. Although a passport card is a very efficient piece of documentation, it is not a document that can be use for flying between borders. A passport card is good to travel by land or by sea. It is use when traveling between the United States, Mexico, Bermuda, Canada, and the Caribbean. With the rise of passport card usage, travelers oftentimes ask why they cannot use their passport cards to travel by air. This card was put in use for individuals who travel frequently to countries within the U.S. region. A passport card helps to speed the processing time up for a traveler. This provides more of a convenient and hassle-free travel for anyone using this document. Unfortunately, there are restrictions when traveling and using this document.

A traditional passport book is completely necessary when traveling via air to any country from the United States. A passport book is use for traveling to and from any country and the United States once traveling via air. Again, though a passport card is very efficient and is a safer document to carry, it has its flaws and this is one of them. This rule will, in addition, apply when returning from these countries to the United States.