Can a birth certificate be use instead of a passport for baby?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion:  I have to travel to Africa and will be returning within 2 months. I just had my baby girl 3 weeks ago and was wondering if I can take a baby with me to Africa without a passport. Will I be able to use her birth certificate or any other type of documentation for identification instead of a passport for baby?

Answer:  You can take a baby with you, however, anyone who is a U.S. citizen, even an infant that is traveling to Africa must have in their possession a valid passport, along with a valid Africa Visa stamped on it. You will not be able to take your infant baby to Africa using any type of identification other than a U.S. Passport.

Information on obtaining a travel visa can be found using this

You can also contact the South African Foreign Consular Office in the following locations:

Washington D.C. 202-232-4400

Chicago 312-939-7929

Los Angeles 323-651-0902

New York 212-213-4880

Using the following link will show you how to obtain a U.S. Passport for your baby: How to Get a Passport for a Child.

It is important to do this because it is the primary form of photo identification. Also, it can protect you and your child while in another country.