Passport issued abroad may be process faster than in the US.

qaQuestion:  I am currently in a foreign country for work purposes. I will have to extend my stay here and my passport will expire before the end of my extension. I would like to know if I should renew my passport here or if I should report it lost or stolen. If I do, I can apply for a new passport that will have an expiration date that will cater to my staying. What’s the best way of getting a passport issued abroad? The quickest process possible will be most beneficial due to the fact that my passport will be expiring very soon.

Answer:  Unfortunately, U.S. Embassies and Consulates in foreign countries do not offer expedite passport services. However, processing of U.S. passports in foreign countries usually takes a shorter period of time. That is in comparison to being process in the U.S. Usually, the processing time for U.S. passports in foreign countries is about three to four weeks. In the U.S., it will be about 4-6 weeks. This will vary from country to country. So, make sure and confirm with that countries processing time.

You can obtain a passport quicker if there is a valid emergency. The passport given in case of an emergency will only be valid for one year, unfortunately. You must go through the process of renewal just one year after you had this type of passport.

If you can come to the U.S. before your passport expires, you can get a passport the same day. Using a registered expediter can ensure you of this. This may be inconvenient, but it will work most effectively to obtain a passport in time for your extended stay. You may be able to get this process done by mailing in your renewed passport to the United States Embassy that is in the foreign country that you are currently in or have the process done in the United States at that foreign country’s embassy. For information on expediting services, use the link below.

Expedited Passport Renewal