QUESTION:   I was in the Marines and I want to know if I can wear my Marine uniform in my photo for my passport. What are the Passport Photo Requirements?

ANSWER:   It is strongly advised that anyone taking photos for a passport not to wear any type of uniform. The only way a passport applicant can wear a uniform is if it is used for religious purposes. Other than that, the applicant should wear regular clothing.

The photograph on a passport is a very substantial identification element for the traveler because the border agents at different countries will use it to identify the traveler to verify and confirm that it is indeed that person who is in possession of the passport. Hence, a passport photo must meet strict guidelines set forth by the Department of State.

Below are a few guidelines everyone must follow.

  • Do not wear any type of costumes or weird clothing.
  • The clothing must be regular day-to-day clothing.
  • The photo should be in color, not black and white.
  • Photos must have a white wall in the background. (Do not use a multi-colored background).
  • Finally, the photos cannot be pixilated, blurred, unfocused, have printer patterns, or dots, or be in motion.

Since you are going to a photo studio, they should be able to point you in the right direction pertaining to all the guidelines.

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