Passport Photograph – Can I use a hat when I am taking my passport photograph?

QUESTION:   I recently got a really bad haircut. Now, I need to take my passport photograph today because I will need a rush passport. Can I wear a hat in my passport photograph to cover up my hair?


ANSWER:   Regarding a passport photograph, an applicant can wear a head cover only if it is in conjunction with his or her religion. If that is the circumstance, then the applicant’s full face must be visible. The head covering mush not cover the hairline or cast any types of shadow on the face.

So, covering a bad hair cut with a hat does not constitute a valid reason. If an applicant does not stick to these guidelines, it may cause difficulties with the passport process. Furthermore, this can affect their traveling plans as well. Even for religious purposes, the hairline must be visible and without any shadows covering the face.

The passport photo is a very significant identification factor for any traveler. Border agents at different countries use it to identify the passport holder. The passport photograph will help to guarantee the passport owner access to travel. Every passport photo must meet the guidelines set by the Department of State, otherwise, the photo will deem invalid.