Passport Photographs – Where can the rules that apply to passport photographs found?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestions:  I am becoming a professional photographer and I would like to add to my portfolio some passport photographs. Where can the rules that apply to passport photographs found?

Answer:  Information about passport photos is within this post. All the rules are below.
The passport photo musk follow  the guidelines the passport agency is looking for. Hence, the guidelines suggest that the photo be a head shot taking 75% of the 2 inch by 2-inch photo. Which means that the applicant’s head size should be between 1-1 ¼ inches high. In addition, the photo must be clear and which will require the photographer to use a high-resolution camera of 200 dpi or more. Digital cameras will have to be at least 1 megabyte or more.
Also, the applicant’s face should be forward facing with a neutral facial expression. If the applicant has an awkward facial expression or is joking around, the photos will be denied by the passport agency.

In addition, the applicant should be directly in the middle of the photo and not leaning to one specific side.
The clothing should be normal street clothes. Do not wear any types of costumes or strange clothing. The photos should be in color not black and white with a white wall in the background. Do not use a multi-colored background. Finally, the photos should not contain pixels, nor have blurs, out of unfocuse, have printer patterns, or dots, or be in motion.