How to Sign a Passport?

QUESTION:   It is my impression that all age adults and children must have their own passport sign. Is that true and how do I sign my passport?


ANSWER: The parent of a child or legal guardian of a child can sign the passport if the child applying for the passport is not old enough to sign his or her own passport signature. In order for this to be accomplished, a parent of the child or legal guardian of the child will have to print the child’s name as well as signing his or her own name in the space that is provided for the signature. The parent or legal guardian will have to write his or her relationship to the child in parenthesis next to the signature so they are aware of who signed for the child.

This very common question pertains to the signature of a minor and if he or she should sign his or her own passport. If your child is 4 years old or 15 years old, he or she can sign his or her own passport, which will not necessarily be a problem. The only issue is if the child is able to sign his or her own name or not. Having the child sign their own name would be the better option for him or her to do since it is less complicated and this is the traditional way a passport should be signed but if your child is under 5 or 6 years old, we will use the other option in that case.

Common Question for Passport Signature on U.S. Passport

Question: I’m in the process of a long divorce. My ex-husband is trying to get me to sign passport papers which I refuse. I will not because I don’t know where the kids are going. I’ve had previous problems with him forging my name. Is there any way to stop this? Neither one of us has custody of the kids yet. To my knowledge, he plans on taking them sometime in July without my consent.


Question: I got a new passport for my son, aged 14. It says in the pamphlet you need to sign, or “parent MAY sign if the child is under 16”.  What is the best thing to do? Should he sign, or I should sign as a parent, or both of us or WHAT??? Please help!!! Also, I don’t think we need a visa for Amsterdam


Question:  I am renewing my child passport, she is 10 years old. Do I need to bring my husband with me or should I notarized his signature? And do I need an appointment?


Question:  My son, James, is 15 years old. He and I live in Connecticut. We are flying to China on July 15th. I just found out that his passport already expired in March  2017. His father and I got divorce in 2008. He has been living in China since then. We do not have much contact with him. It would be impossible for me to get him to sign on David’s passport application form. What should I do?


Question:  How to get the other parent documentation to sign for approval of issuing a child passport?


Question:  We have legal custody of our granddaughter and she will turn 18 on Jan. 22, 2018. We want to take her on a cruise for her birthday. Since we have court orders which give us legal custody, does her mother have to sign? There is no father’s name on her birth certificate.