How to Get a Passport With Child Support?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion:  I am looking to obtain a passport with child support and was convicted of a drug related felony about 8 years ago while I was in school. I have been in the work place for 6 years now and want to travel to Mexico for a vacation. The thing is I also owe child support to my ex-wife. It has piled up and its about $6,000 now. Can child support stop you from getting a passport? Are passports for felons permissible?

Answer:  Well, we don’t want to throw water on your travel plans but you have several problems. Let’s deal with the easy one first. If you owe more than $2,500 in child support payments, you will not be able to get a passport. So, we suggest you find a way to pay down that debt. It is definitely standing in the way of you and your passport.

In most cases, people with felony arrests can obtain passports but it gets a bit fuzzy in your case. Drug related felonies involving trafficking across international borders prohibits passport acquisition in most cases. You did not state the specific nature of the drug charge so we advise you to seek counsel from your attorney to determine if your felony disqualifies passport application.

Finally some counties are very strict with regard to travel if you have a prior felony and in some cases even a misdemeanor. We suggest you check with the consular of the country you want to visit to determine their rules regarding your history.