Processing Documents – How do I know where are my processing documents?

QUESTION:   I applied for my passport a few days ago. Will the passport application I filled out come with a tracking number or another type of way to track where exactly along the line are my processing documents?

ANSWER:   Once you submit your documents, you are able to track them through the mailing system you used. For example, if you mail it via the postal service, you can send it as a register mail. This way you will get a tracking number. Likewise if you use a private currier, you will get a tracking number.

This type of service tracks mail up to its destination and not when it is returning. So, you are able to see when your processing documents got delivered. In regards to the passport process, you do not get any notification on any step of the process. The only information you know is that the regular passport process takes 4-6 weeks.

If you choose to use an expedite processing agent, then the passport process will be faster because you pay a higher fee. Nevertheless, you still will not be notify of the processing steps. This service decreases the time it will take to get a new passport. So, the best thing to do is wait. Before you know, the new passport will be in your mailbox.