Where Can I Get a Professional Passport Photo Taken?

qaQuestion: Where can I get a passport photo taken? Are there professional photo people that specialize in passport photos or standard places I go or do I have to go to an official location?

Answer:  Passport photos are very important. You will get a rejection if your photos submission was not complete the right way. You can get passport photos in many locations. Hence, these locations are familiar with the process and will provide the right size and style of a photo.

Here is a list of the general types of locations:

UPS and FedEx offer passport photo services. Also, Kinkos is now FedEx. You must find a location and then call ahead. Since not all locations offer passport photo service

Costco has something called the One Hour Photo Lab which offers passport photos in their 400+ locations.

Some pharmacies and retail stores offer passport photo services. Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens are among the pharmacies that offer this service. So, always call ahead to be sure they are doing it and their equipment is working.

Professional Photographers and studios are well versed in taking passport photos and can provide good service. In most cases, you must call before you go.

The U.S. Passport Offices

Many of the passport application centers have photo capabilities which can be very time to save since you are able to obtain your passport and process your application at one location and at one time.

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The United States Passport Photo Information