Passport Would Expire While Abroad. How do I Renew a Passport Abroad?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion:  I had a recent death in my family back home. I will have to travel abroad for the funeral processions. My passport will be valid for the date when I am leaving but will expire before I am ready to return. How should I renew a passport abroad? Should I renew my passport before I go abroad? Can I renew a passport abroad at the U.S. Embassy in the country that I am going to?

Answer:  Firstly, many different countries will require your passport to have a certain amount of valid time to travel. That is, a valid time to enter and exit the country. For example, if you are leaving a foreign country on 6/15/2012 and they require you to have 6 months validity on your passport after you leave their country, you will have to possess a passport that cannot expire before 12/15/12. Some countries may require 6 months of validity until the expiration date in the passport is reached. While others may require 3 months. It all varies from country to country. I recommend you get in contact with the country consulate before going there. You can also use the following link for further assistance foreign entry requirements.

Secondly, you will need a valid passport in order to travel abroad. If you apply for a renewal of your passport, you will not be able to travel in time. The renewed process takes about 4-6 weeks. However, you may get your passport renewed in 24-48 hours if needed.

If you were traveling abroad for work or studying purposes, you would have been open for the possibility that you might have been able to travel to that country with a passport that will expire during your stay. If this were the case, you would be able to renew your passport abroad, at your nearest United States Embassy or United States Consulate.