Renewal of expired passport – How does the renewal of an expired passport works?

Frequently asked questions-renewal of expired passportsQUESTION:   I am traveling to Rome in a couple of months and my passport has expired. How does the renewal of expired passport works? Will I be able to renew my passport?


ANSWER:    To begin with, you are on the right track with obtaining a new passport before going to Rome. There are various ways that you can go about the renewal of expired passport which will be discussed below.

You have the option to renew your passport through mailing. Your passport will have to be in good condition and cannot be significantly damage or they will not accept it. Remember that you should mail your documents in a Tyvek envelope with a tracking number. This will provide your package location along with knowing when it arrives at its destination. You will have to mail your documents to the passport agency for them to process it for you.


Always check with US Passport Help Guide to see if your passport needs renewal and how best to do so. It is always possible to expedite that service if your plans call for travel soon.

Lastly, if you have time, and can visit the nearest passport agency, you will be able to renew your passport by yourself. The drawback is that your passport will not be return as quickly as a professional passport expeditor, but will be the second quickest approach. This approach is good if you have about 2 weeks to spare to obtain your new passport.

If you will need to have your passport obtained in a rush, then we advise hiring a passport expediting company like Fastport Passport to expedite your passport services. Professional passport expeditors are able to get a new passport in as little as a day. There are also services for 3 day and 1 week processing times with professional passport expediters.