Forget to Attached My Passport Photo to My Passport Application. How Could I Sent in My Passport Photo?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion:  What do I do if I forgot to include my passport photo’s in my application for a passport? I sent it about a week ago and I just found the passport photos I took in my desk. I thought these were part of the required supporting documents. Will I hear from the processing agency? Should I mail them to the same address?

Answer:  The passport agency will likely reach out to you or return your incomplete application requesting the photos. So, it will do you no good to mail the photos separately. Once your application begins processing, it goes through a series of steps that assure complete information. Hence, they will determine that your application is incomplete and return the application to you for said completions.

One recommendation is that you obtain your passport photo from a professional service. But, if you choose to you can take the photo yourself. Also, you can obtain a passport photo from a local photography agency, passport agency, DMV or U.S. Post Office.

If you take the photo yourself, it must follow specific guidelines. It must not be digitally alter in any way. The camera must be pointing at the eye-level of the individual and at least four feet away.

If there are shadows in the background, it can be reduce by bringing the camera closer. The photo should have the individual’s entire head, some of the upper body and there should be space above the individual’s head.