Return My Old passport – Will the State Department return my old passport?

Frequently asked questions-Return my old passport?QUESTION:   I just sent my passport in for renewal by mail. I did not receive my old passport. Will the passport office return my old passport? The passport that I will be renewing has a lot of countries that I went to that I would like to have for my memories. Will I get the old passport back as well?


ANSWER:   Many times, people keep their old passports that they use to travel to various countries. The old passport has stamps from different countries which are good for memories.

There is good news. The old passport will be return to the owner. Mailing the new passport first is more important. Since, that is the one you can use and not the old one. After a few weeks the old one is mail out as well. Even though that old passport is invalid, it is important to keep it in a safe place. Furthermore, the old passport can be use as a form of identification. The expire passport is proof of the holder being a United States citizen.

The following is important to remember. If you receive your new passport first without receiving the old one back, that is not the only package that you will be receiving. Your expire passport is usually mail separately from the new passport since it is not valid anymore and not useful. That is why so many people ask ” will the passport office return my old passport”. We get questions from applicants as soon as they receive their new passport without receiving the old one back. Wait it out a little longer, as the old one will be sent to you in a separate package.