RFID Data – Do I have the ability to change the RFID Data on my Passport?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQUESTION: Do I have the ability to change the RFID Data on my Passport that is held on my electronic U.S. passport? I just got my electronic passport and would like to know if I can alter the information on the chip. Because I will travel to France and I need to update my information as soon as possible?

ANSWER:   Within the Electronic passport, is a RFID chip. The sole purpose of the RFID chip is to benefit the user as oppose to harm them. Possession of the RFID chip will aid travelers and will give them the ability to use a “ready lane” at any airport when crossing borders. Within each ready lane is a machine that is able to read the chip on the traveler’s passport. The information that is on the RFID chip will contain the traveler’s biographical information and passport photograph information. In other words, when a traveler is crossing a border, it is much faster for them to get through. It is quicker and it helps to aviod the long lines that are usually at airports for port entry into a country.

The RFID chip is more popular since it came out. The chips are noticeably more efficient for factors that include, quickness, easiness, and secureness. Once again, the type of chip that is in the passport is a RFID chip. The RFID chip also comes with a protective sleeve. This protective sleeve protects the information which is on the chip from skimmers. The term skimming refers to an illegal way for someone to read information off an electronic chip. The information is then use to steal one’s identity. This can pose a serious threat if the information is obtain off the RFID chip. Luckily, RFID chips are very secure and enable for passports to be tougher against the risk of fabrication.