What are the rules and fees for expedited passport service?

QUESTION:   I am going to a regional passport office to apply for expedited service. What are the rules and fees?

ANSWER:   Many times, travelers are in a rush to complete their passport needs. This oftentimes leads to them using an expedited passport service in order to obtain their passport or complete their passport services. However, if a trip is planned months in advance, a traveler may be able to use regular passport processing in order to obtain their passport. If a traveler’s trip is not until four to six weeks away, the traveler may be able to use the regular passport processing options. Regular passport processing options will allow the applicant to spend less money when obtaining their passports, but will take is about four to six weeks to be processed.

Nonetheless, this is not always the case. If the traveler is in a rush to receive their passport, we recommend utilizing the expedited passport option in order to do so. Expedited passport options will allow the applicant to acquire their passports with two to three weeks.

The charge that is attached to an expedited processing option is $60. The fee will need to be paid when an applicant submits their passport application for processing and approval.

If an applicant needs a passport in less than two to three weeks, applicants can hire a professional passport expediter like FastportPassport (www.FastportPassport.com) to submit their application for that applicant. The processing times will then be reduced tremendously, but it will come with an additional fee.

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