What are the rules governing getting a passport under emergency conditions?

QUESTION:  What are the rules governing getting a passport under emergency conditions? My daughter is hurt and I must go to Bulgaria immediately.


ANSWER:  Typically speaking, the processing time for a passport is estimated to have the passport processed in about four to six weeks using a regular passport processing option. This option will superior for travelers that plan their trip far in advance before they plan on going on their trip. Nonetheless, this is not always the scenario since there are plenty of travelers that will face emergencies or just spontaneous trips. Fortunately, a passport can be processed in a faster time if it is necessary. Applicants can take advantage of the option of an expedited passport service to speed the processing time up when they apply for their passports. Using an expedited service will increase the cost for the applicant but will ensure that they acquire their passports in two to three weeks.

Furthermore, an applicant has the ability to employ the services of a professional passport expediter. Professional Passport expediters have the ability to expedite a passport faster than an expedited service. Having this extra-expedited convenience comes with an additional fee. The applicant will need to know as to when they will need their passport by and that will define the price of the professional passport expediter’s cost. Passports can be obtained in as little as one day, depending on the applicant’s needs. There are in addition services for 3-day passport processing, as well at 1 weeks passport processing. Below is a link that will lead to a professional expediter

FastPort Passport (www.FastportPassport.com)