Rules regarding a Minor Passport – What are the rules regarding a minor passport?

QUESTION:   I have several children ranging in age from 6 to 14. None has travel overseas and they do not have passports. What are the rules regarding applying for a minor passport?

ANSWER:   Your children are able to obtain a passport from an early age. There is no age limit to obtain a passport. There will be no issues regarding their age when they go to apply for a minor passport. Keep in mind, there are some rules you will need to follow when applying for a minor passport. The following paragraph will help explain this in more detail.

The person that is present with a minor will need to provide evidence of legal custody or a notarized consent from whoever has legal custody. After obtaining a court order, which will allow for legal custody or guardianship, the guardian will have to appear with the minor in person at the passport application acceptance center. The guardian will have to submit the documents to an authorize passport agent with all necessary documentations and forms. This is for guardianship of the child; if you are the parent of the child then both parents will need to appear with the child. If one parent is unable to make it, then a notarized letter of consent from the non-appearing parent that gives their permission must be submitted with the passport application.