SEVIS System – What are the benefits to using the SEVIS system?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion:  What are the benefits of using the SEVIS system? I would like to use the SEVIS system but want more information about it first.


Answer:  The SEVIS is a component of the Student and Exchange Visitor Program or SEVP. The SEVP system is part of the National Security Investigations Division. It serves as a link for the government organizations that have a concern regarding non-immigrants. Especially, non-immigrants who enters the U.S. for the main reason of becoming a student.

Being a part of the Department of Homeland Security, SEVP will work with schools that have students under this status. Any non-immigrant students will have a M and F visa class along with their dependents. The Department of State will be the department that deals with everyone in the Exchange Visitor Programs. In addition, all the non-immigrant exchange visitors who have a  J visa and their dependents will meet with the Department of State.

Both of these agencies, D.H.S. and D.S., use the SEVIS system to keep order and monitor schools. Schools that participate with the exchange visitor programs. Also, students who have a J, F, and M non-immigrant visa attending schools.