Who should sign a consent form when minors are traveling?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion:  I am currently legally married to my husband. If I were to take our minor child abroad, does my husband have to sign a consent form? If that is the case, what letter or form will I need for consent? About how long is the process of verification? Hence, what travel consent from parents will I need?

Answer:  Your husband should sign a consent form that you should carry your entire time abroad with your children that are 15 and younger. The travel consent from parents form will only take a few minutes to complete and will be very beneficial. After filling the form out, you must get it notarize. A county clerk’s office can notarization a document in only a few minutes. The following link has the consent form for a minor traveling abroad with the absence of one parent.

Minor Travel Consent Form

The consent form proves to the foreign country you are traveling with a minor. Also, you have consent or permission to travel with the minor and to ensure that the minor is not a victim of child abduction or kidnapping. In addition, it shows a relationship with the minor which can be either the mother or father.