Son Old Passport – How can I replace my son old passport?

questions regarding son's passportQUESTION:  My son old passport has expired.  I will be traveling to Venezuela with my 16 year old son. He will need a passport before we travel there. How can I get him a passport?


ANSWER:   You are doing the right thing by getting your son a new passport. You surely do not want to go if your son old passport will create a problem. First thing first, your son must complete Form DS-11 Application for a New Passport. During the completion of this form, he will also need to provide proof of identity and a passport photo.

In the process of completing the form, use a black ink pen to fill in the questions. In regards to the proof of identity, your son can use his old passport. His passport must be in good condition. As well as complete with no missing pages or with out water damage. He must take passport photos that has a required size, 2×2 inches.

Once the form is completed and the other documents are obtain, you can both go to a passport processing facility. Since your son is 16 years old, he does not require parental consent to apply for a passport. He can proceed with the process and wait 6-8 weeks before he gets his new passport. If this time is too long, then you can use an expedite passport agency. This agency will expedite the process and you can have the passport in 2 weeks. Of course this will cost an additional fee. Your son old passport will also be return to him sometime after receiving the new one.