Student Visa – How to Get a Student Visa for Italy?

How to get a Student Visa for ItalyQuestion I just started college and next year I will be traveling to Italy to study abroad for a semester to learn more about my roots since I am Italian. What will be the process that I have to go through to get a student visa for Italy?

Answer Since you are already in a college, you will not have to provide proof that you are accepted into an approved educational institution.

Also, being that your Italian, it will work in you benefit when obtaining a student visa. Some countries will ask for a native or someone that can speak the language of that country fluently. However, if you do not speak the language fluently, countries will still accept you on a student visa because the language will be learned through your classes.

You will have to prove that you have ties back in the U.S. that will obligate you to return to the United States. Also, provide proof that you have sufficient funds for the entirety of your stay in that country.

You will have to provide substantial proof for a source where you will get the necessary funds if you do not have sufficient funds to stay in the country.

You will have to follow the guideline particular to Italy because the guidelines are different from country to country. Also not every consular office accepts student visa application, you will have to inquire with your nearest consular office.

Another part of the application will be an interview. You will have to make an appointment for your interview, either online or calling the consular office and making an appointment. Appointments will be available on business days.

Here are the requirements for Student Visa for Italy

  • Current passport valid for 6 months
  • Completed, signed student visa application
  • Approved passport photo
  • Letter of acceptance sent by school
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Documentation that will prove that you will return to the United States (eg. Personal business card, certificate of land ownership, etc.)

You may need to provide more documents and information to ensure your approval for a visa. The following link will provide you with more information on student visas.