Supporting documentations required – Will I need my birth certificate to obtain a passport?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion: I was born in Germany while my parents were deployed in the military in 1969. As a minor I had a U.S. passport. I suppose I used it to come back to the United States while still a child. It has expired now for many years (perhaps 20). Since then, I don’t own a passport nor have I change all my supporting documentations. Because I was born overseas, I am not sure I can get my original birth certificate. Which I understand I will need to apply for a new passport. I want to be sure I know all the Supporting documentations required for a new passport. Will my old passport work for this purpose.

Answer:  Your previous passport, although old, is proof of citizenship and you should be able to use it. In some unusual situations, people sometimes have trouble proving citizenship with very old passports. However, this is not the norm and we would not expect that you would have a problem.

We suggest that you follow the instructions for applying for a passport which can be found HERE. Presuming there is no rush, the passport agency will inform you if your papers are in order. Or, if they will need additional documentation.

If you need to travel shortly, you can apply for expedite services HERE . Expedite services can get you a passport in as little as one day. This process takes place at a regional passport agency. The list for regional agencies can be found HERE.