What Supporting documents are needed for a passport renewal?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion: I live in the U.S. but work in Mexico. Therefore, I use my passport on a regular basis to go to and from work. Luckily, I don’t use it every day because I am in sales. As a sales person, it allows for frequent but prolonged visits in each country. I need to renew my passport but naturally cannot surrender it as is the case with the renewal application since I will not be able to travel back and forth. I am also unsure of the supporting documents I will need. What should I do?

Answer: In your particular case you have a few viable options. The simplest is to use the availability of a passport card which is valid for travel between countries such as the U.S. and Mexico. Simply apply for a passport card the next time you are in the U.S. using form DS-82. This way you will have both and when the time comes to renew your passport book you will still have your passport card for travel between the two countries. Normally this can be done by mail but it sounds like you cannot be without your passport so the best option is to do so at an application acceptance facility.

While in the U.S. you can apply for an expedite passport at a regional center with a possibility of getting it in one day.

Regional Centers can be found at this LINK. You will have to make an appointment in advance and bring proff of your travel requirements. You can find out more about expedited service HERE.

Lastly, the SENTRI trusted travelers program is available to people who frequently travel between the U.S. and Mexico. The SENTRI – Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection – is a WHTI-compliant document  and provides for people in your situation. This program only applies to land travel. If you fly between countries you must use a passport.