I was told that there is a fee for ESTA. Is that true and can you provide details?

I was told that there is a fee for ESTA. Is that true, and can you provide details?


Another name for ESTA is known Electronic System for Travel Authorization. An online application process pre-determines travelers prior to them being able to board an airplane or a ship that is heading for the United States.

As of current, every electronic travel authorization will need to be paid by credit/debit card.

The accepted cards that can be used to pay for Electronic Systems for Travel Authorization are MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover. If the card is not a United States card with US currency, the company for the credit card will more often than not convert the amount to pay for the ESTA fees.

Be sure to check with the credit card company before paying for ESTA online. Until the payment information has to be received before the application can be submitted.

The two charges that are associated with ESTA are listed below.

The charge for Authorization – If an applicant has their application approved and they receive permission to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program, an additional $10.00 fee is charged to their credit card. If their electronic travel authorization is not approved, they are only charged for processing their application.

The charge for Processing – Every applicant that requests an electronic travel authorization is charged for the processing of the application. The fee for processing this application is $4.00.