US Passport – Is it true that my passport is only valid for 5 years?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion:  Is it true that my passport is only valid for 5 years? I got it when I was 15 years old and I would like to know when I should renew my passport before it expires.

Answer: Being that you got your passport at the age of 15, your current passport is not an adult passport. The lifespan of a minor’s passport is 5 years. The 5-year validity that is on the passport for a minor starts when the passport was first approve to the applicant. What this means is, your passport will expire when you are 20 years old.

Since your passport was under a minor category, it is good for 5 years. In addition, when it time comes to renew the passport, since it is a minor’s passport, it has to be renewed in person at a passport application acceptance facility. In contrast to a passport for an adult, which can be renewed through the mail.

It is best to renew a passport approximately nine months before it is to expire. This recommendation is in regards to certain countries requirements on the validity left on a passport after departuring that country. For example, if your passport is about to expire in a couple of months and you travel abroad; you may face issues when trying to enter the foreign country because of the lack of validity on the passport. So we advise to renew your passport at least 9 months before expiration.

Question:  I will be traveling from Mexico to the US. I have dual citizenship and I want to know what passport I should use to enter the US. Should I use my Mexican passport or my US passport to have less of a hassle?

Answer:  Being that you possess both a US passport and a Mexican passport that means you possess dual citizenship. Since you will be traveling to the U.S. and possess a valid US passport, we advise you to use the US passport to travel to the U.S.

This is because; U.S. citizens will not be denied entry into the U.S. At the port of entry, if you were using a Mexican passport, you may face some issues. Issues you may not encounter by using a U.S. passport. In addition, in order to be denied entry into the U.S. and have a smooth cross over at the point of entry, a US passport serves as a big help in doing.

Moreover, if your passport from the U.S. is invalid, then you may face some difficulties. Although Mexico shares a border to the U.S. and is very close, passport officials do not give any leeway and will treat crossings from Mexico to the U.S. very seriously. So, to avoid any difficulties, use the US passport that you possess.