V2-How do I change my name on my passport?

QUESTION:   I have recently gotten married and I would like to change my name and photo on my passport. Is there a fee that is associated with doing so?


ANSWER:   In regards to the photos, you will not be able to send in any two photos. The State Department has very strict guidelines in regards to passport photos. They will have to be recent, which mean taken within in the last 6 months. In addition, they will have to be in color, be in a matte or glossy finish, have a full face with a white background, they will have to be 2×2 inches, they should be taken with a neutral facial expression with both eyes open, and finally they should be 1 inch from the chin to the top of the head.

The fees will depend on a window of time. If you are fortunate enough to fall within the period of time that is accepted, you can change your name on your passport free of charge. You are allowed up to one year after your passport is issued to you, to have your name changed on it. If you have gone past that period of one year, then you will have to mail your application in. You will have to complete form DS-82, gather all supporting documents, and finally package and send them out. This regular passport service has a fee of $75. This is for regular processing. There is an expedited service available for a fee of $60 extra.